Downhill footage with gimbal

The original Blackmagic Cinema Camera was used on a gimbal. The gimbal allowed slightly easier control and less weight than a glidecam, which enabled shots at higher speeds. In addition, we experimented here with a new wide angle Sigma lense.

Downhill skating in Lausanne

Multiple sequences of downhill skating in Lausanne. Two original Blackmagic Cinema Cameras were used for tripod, glidecam and handheld shots.

Surfskate and Inline in Lavaux

Video of Surfskate and Inline downhill in Lavaux. Two original Blackmagic Cinema Cameras were used for tripod, glidecam and handheld shots.

Inline Downhill - Lavaux - Raw audio

Inline downhill tripod shots in Lavaux. The audio is recorded by placing a microphone directly on the Inline skate boots.

Inline downhill - Lavaux end of week

Short video of Inline downhill tripod shots in Lavaux, shot on the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Alpine Inline Downhill in Montreux, Switzerland

This video showcases the beginning of a new discipline called Alpine Inline downhill, which focuses on descending mountainous areas and achieving significant elevation drops. Filming this video was, as expected, challenging due to the presence of cars and the steepness of mountain roads. With precise timing and assistance from the rider, we were able to minimize risks. We employed a steadicam stabilizer to enhance the stability of the shots.

Surfing down a Swiss city

The video features a surfskater effortlessly descending through a Swiss city. Capturing the skater's nimble carving was challenging due to the bustling city traffic and the bulky steadycam stabilizer.

Lavaux Downhill 2023

The video showcases a peaceful downhill ride from Savigny to Cully in Switzerland, near Lausanne, which is renowned for its downhill trails. The rider begins by traversing through the countryside and eventually descends through vineyards towards lac Léman. The footage was captured using a steadicam stabilizer on skates. Filming and framing while descending at high speeds amidst moving cars presented significant challenges.

Bukolik Downhill 2022

Video from my session at Bukolik freeride 2022 in Les Avants near Montreux. Bukolik is an event where extreme sports enthousiasts can hill bomb a 2.5km road down the mountain and go back up with a funicular. The difficulty in capturing such an event is that one has to film, focus and frame the shot at high speeds and not fall and break the camera.

Air-Glaciers through the Swiss Alps 2022

Flight from Lauterbrunnen to Zermatt area and back with two landings: the first at Unterrothorn and the second at Petersgrat. We see the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau first then the Finsteraarhorn and the Saas Fee big mountains, Dom, Täschorn, Alphubel. We then fly near Monte Rosa and turn back around next to the Matterhorn direction Petersgrat and Lauterbrunnen. The main difficulty here was the extremely bright light saturating the camera sensor and the shakiness of the helicopter as well as the reflection of the helicopter windows.

Sornetan downhill 2022

Footage from my short session at Sornetan downhill race on 15.05.2022. Filmed entirely on a manual fixed focal length cinema lense with. A beautiful lense that is pretty zoomed in and thus limits us to stationary shots mostly.

Old showreel 2011-2013

Old showreel 2011-2013, contains images from my short film done in high school and a few other projects. These small projects were what led me in the direction of computer graphics.